1. In Your Eyes (SAMPLE) Cammi Kol 1:04
  2. Emerald Lasts Forever (SAMPLE) Cammi Kol 0:54
  3. Tiger (SAMPLE) Cammi Kol 0:48
  4. Right As Rain (SAMPLE) Cammi Kol 0:40

The Story

To love somebody is to open your heart up to one of the greatest blessings in life. To sit with them through their darkest hours is to commit to the integrity of your word. You develop a bond so mesmerising that it feels like a mirror into your own soul. In one vastly significant moment, you feel whole and in no need of repair; until your world comes shattering down and you realise that you based your whole centre off of someone else’s validation.

In Your Eyes (Vitriol) is the conjunction of love and heartbreak; a polarity seeking out duality. Love is beautiful when it lasts, but the temporary rapture isn’t a true foundation for the future. When a relationship aids in your growth, that’s what makes it permanent.


Cammi Kol | In Your Eyes (Vitriol)

Release Date : May 14, 2021
Artist : Cammi Kol
Genre : ,
label : Independent Release
Catalog ref. : TBA
Format : Digital Download

Recorded & Produced by Michael Basaranowicz & Cammi Kol
Mixed by Brendan Marolla @ Bounce Recording Studios
Mastered by John Ruberto @ Mastersound
Written by: Cammi Kol

Michael Basaranowicz – Guitars & Programming
Brendan Marolla – Additional Keyboards