1. Subtle (SAMPLE) JADE 0:44
  2. Your Truth (SAMPLE) JADE 1:26
  3. Darling (SAMPLE) JADE 0:45

The Story

JADE is a new Australian singer/songwriter based in Melbourne. A high school graduate from the Australian Institute of Music, her songwriting interests grew after being exposed to performing live on a regular basis and having the opportunity to work amongst a range of like minded aspiring artists

Her music combs together elements of pop with undertones of blues and soul. JADE’s songwriting mixes emotions, thoughts and feelings into lyrics that relate to the listener.

‘Subtle’ is JADE’s third single and is about challenging issues that occur in life and how these challenges can be so subtle, yet can do so much harm. One can easily deny and suppress them and hard to deal with.

Her work continues in the studio honing her sound and performing live to build her fan base.

JADE | Subtle

Release Date : October 5, 2018
Artist : JADE
Genre : ,
label : Independent Release
Catalog ref. : TBA
Format : Digital Download

Produced by Lyndon Wesley & Brendan Marolla
Recorded & Mixed by Brendan Marolla @ Bounce Recording Studios
Mastered by John Ruberto @ Mastersound
Written by: JADE & Lyndon Wesley

Daniel Marolla – Drums & Bass Guitar
Lyndon Wesley – Electric Guitars & Prorgamming
Brendan Marolla – Keyboards & Additional Programming