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The Complete Package

the complete package

The Complete Package


Artist Development

Artist Development is about nurturing the growth of an artist and their music. Throughout every process, we aim to fine-tune artistic ideas and talent to achieve a final product that feels right to the artist and their listeners. The team at Songbird Productions are committed to getting the best out of the artist with their long-term career in mind from the beginning.



In the music business, everything starts with a song.  Songwriting is not just an artistic expression; it is the axis upon which the music business rotates. Without great songs, there is no music business. Pre-production is one of the most important processes to ensure that an artist’s songs are at their best before the red button is pressed.  Dedicated time is spent on song structure, lyrical content and and instrumental ideas in a collaborative environment.


Music Production

The role of a music producer is to get the best out of the artist and their songs.  Our producers aim to create a product that will represent the artist they way they want to be heard while pushing boundaries and ideas to create something unique. Professional session musicians are included in all packages to ensure a great result every time and attention to detail is taken throughout editing and mixdown, topped off by professional mastering by dedicated mastering engineers and studios.


Music Video & Photography

To stand out in today’s music industry, an artist needs a visual touch.  Music video’s and great photography are now a basic requirements to be noticed in this visual age on social media and streaming platforms. Music videos help artists in two big ways: exposure and revenue. Creative high-quality music videos and artist photography is included in every package to set up the artist for success.



What’s the good of having a great product if no one knows about it? The music industry has changed. Digital distribution, music promotion and sharing platforms have caused a complete re-thinking of how music works – new ways to listen, new was to create, new ways to share.  Included in all packages is online promotion including an artist website, feature pages and social media advice. We help you set up the online accounts you need to get followers and keep them engaged.


Exclusive Marketing & Distribution

Marketing and distribution is where most artists stumble. All Songbird artists get the benefit of being exclusively marketed and distributed through distribution partner, Believe Digital. Not only will their songs appear on every streaming and download store worldwide, but their releases are pitched to iTunes and Spotify marketing to maximise exposure and revenue.  Syncing, monetization and licensing opportunities are also explored plus much more.

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Songbird Distribution

  1. Invincible (SAMPLE) Sarahj. 1:04
  2. Music Man (SAMPLE) Anthony Taylor 1:04
  3. Over The Moon (SAMPLE) Ayy Kay 1:34
  4. Above All Names (SAMPLE) Legacy Collective 1:04
  5. Alone (SAMPLE) Nostalgia 1:32
  6. Darling (SAMPLE) JADE 0:45
  7. Comfortable (SAMPLE) Nostalgia 1:04
  8. Dhiidhaan (SAMPLE) Mitch Tambo 1:13
  9. Your Truth (SAMPLE) JADE 1:26
  10. Safe (SAMPLE) Sarahj 1:25
  11. Reaper (SAMPLE) Sarahj. 1:28
  12. Far Away (SAMPLE) Stevie Burr 1:14
  13. Hesitation (SAMPLE) Nostalgia 1:00
  14. Subtle (SAMPLE) JADE 0:44
  15. Strength Of A Woman (SAMPLE) Ami 1:06
  16. Silver Lining (SAMPLE) Ryley Swan 1:12
  17. Panacea (SAMPLE) Ryley Swan 1:12
  18. Seasons (SAMPLE) Ryley Swan 1:12
  19. Fearless (SAMPLE) GIGI Rose 0:59
  20. Free (SAMPLE) Dave Graffin 0:52
  21. Cigarette (SAMPLE) GIGI Rose 0:49
  22. Find You (SAMPLE) Dave Graffin 0:54
  23. You Lift Me Up (SAMPLE) Ian Tambo 1:01
  24. Shifting Shadows (SAMPLE) Ami 0:59
  25. I Wanna Know (SAMPLE) True Culture West Papuan Youth Project 1:00
  26. Monster (SAMPLE) Gigi Rose 1:00
  27. Traitor (SAMPLE) Rhys Tolhurst 1:00
  28. Lost Dreams (SAMPLE) GIGI Rose 0:59
  29. Braver (SAMPLE) April Wood 0:59
  30. True Culture (SAMPLE) Ian Tambo 1:02
  31. Depend On You (SAMPLE) Ian Tambo 1:04
  32. Right As Rain (SAMPLE) Cammi Kol 0:40
  33. Tiger (SAMPLE) Cammi Kol 0:48
  34. Homesick (SAMPLE) Khristian Walker 0:48


LYNDON WESLEY | Artist Development
BRENDAN MAROLLA | Record Manager
JIMI LUNDY | Artist Services
DANIEL MAROLLA | Creative Director

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