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GIGI Rose is a fresh young Australian singer-songwriter based on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. With an Indie Pop vibe, GIGI uses her life experiences and dreams to create a dreamscape through her music and lyrics.

GIGI first performed live at a beer garden with her Father in a small country town in Victoria and has since performed at venues, festivals and events. These formative music experiences shaped GIGI’s approach to music and inspired her to explore and get creative in her own way; ultimately leading her to singing and song writing as her significant forms of expression and connection.

GIGI has plans to release her album in mid 2019 after introducing herself with some killer singles.

Songbird Distribution

  1. Invincible (SAMPLE) Sarahj. 1:04
  2. Music Man (SAMPLE) Anthony Taylor 1:04
  3. Over The Moon (SAMPLE) Ayy Kay 1:34
  4. Above All Names (SAMPLE) Legacy Collective 1:04
  5. Alone (SAMPLE) Nostalgia 1:32
  6. Darling (SAMPLE) JADE 0:45
  7. Comfortable (SAMPLE) Nostalgia 1:04
  8. Dhiidhaan (SAMPLE) Mitch Tambo 1:13
  9. Your Truth (SAMPLE) JADE 1:26
  10. Safe (SAMPLE) Sarahj 1:25
  11. Reaper (SAMPLE) Sarahj. 1:28
  12. Far Away (SAMPLE) Stevie Burr 1:14
  13. Hesitation (SAMPLE) Nostalgia 1:00
  14. Subtle (SAMPLE) JADE 0:44
  15. Strength Of A Woman (SAMPLE) Ami 1:06
  16. Silver Lining (SAMPLE) Ryley Swan 1:12
  17. Panacea (SAMPLE) Ryley Swan 1:12
  18. Seasons (SAMPLE) Ryley Swan 1:12
  19. Fearless (SAMPLE) GIGI Rose 0:59
  20. Free (SAMPLE) Dave Graffin 0:52
  21. Cigarette (SAMPLE) GIGI Rose 0:49
  22. She's A Queen (SAMPLE) Daniel Vella 0:48
  23. Find You (SAMPLE) Dave Graffin 0:54
  24. You Lift Me Up (SAMPLE) Ian Tambo 1:01
  25. Shifting Shadows (SAMPLE) Ami 0:59
  26. I Wanna Know (SAMPLE) True Culture West Papuan Youth Project 1:00
  27. Monster (SAMPLE) Gigi Rose 1:00
  28. Traitor (SAMPLE) Rhys Tolhurst 1:00
  29. Lost Dreams (SAMPLE) GIGI Rose 0:59
  30. Braver (SAMPLE) April Wood 0:59
  31. True Culture (SAMPLE) Ian Tambo 1:02
  32. Depend On You (SAMPLE) Ian Tambo 1:04
  33. Right As Rain (SAMPLE) Cammi Kol 0:40


LYNDON WESLEY | Artist Development

BRENDAN MAROLLA | Record Manager

JIMI LUNDY | Artist Services

DANIEL MAROLLA | Creative Director

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